One Modulo Three Harmonic Mean Labeling of some cycle-related graphs

Vahida Yunus Shaikh, Ujwala Deshmukh


Let G=(V,E) be a graph with p vertices and q edges.

A function f :V(G)→{1,3,......,3q-2,3q} is called one modulo three harmonic mean labeling of G if f is injective and the induced function f* :E(G)→{1,4,......,3q-2} defined as 

f*(uv)=⌈2f(u)f(v)÷( f(u)+f(v))⌉ or ⌊2f(u)f(v)÷( f(u)+f(v))⌋ Ɐ u,v in E(G) is bijective.

A graph that admits  one modulo three harmonic meanlabeling is called one modulo three harmonic mean graph.

In this paper we prove 

TnʘK1, A( TnʘK1), M(Pn),  Cn+t are one modulo three harmonic mean graph. 



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